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Leonard Nimoy might be back for Star Trek…..Again?

Since Leonard Nimoy has “quit” live appearances, and is done for good appearing in TV and movies, When asked about possibly returning as the original Spock in the Star Trek sequel, Leonard Nimoy responded, “Uhh, we’re talking. We’re talking.” Considering principal photography is well underway and the fact that Nimoy has more or less retired from acting, this is almost certainly either a quick cameo or Nimoy simply messing with the reporter in question. I’d lean towards the latter, honestly. For what it’s worth, Ain’t It Cool News claims to have “received some compelling independent confirmation that Nimoy is ‘absolutely’ in the new film.” Still, grains of salt all around for this one, I’d say.


Probably the greatest movie ever made!!!

Ok, so the title might be a little presumptuous, but after seeing this new international trailer, i’d say Prometheus will definitely be on the top ten list of my favorite movie ever. Judge for yourself, but remember, this trailer might contain spoiler, very minimum, but just a warning…enjoy!

Avengers hits 73.1M overseas…hasn’t even opened in the US!

Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have provided us with estimates of the overseas box office for Marvel’s The Avengers so far. The Joss Whedon action adventure has earned an estimated $73.1 million in its first Wednesday through Friday of overseas release from 41 territories representing approximately 70% of the film’s potential performance (the figure does not include Russia, China and Japan).

Here are the results of the key territories:


Australia – $11.1M
UK – $9.4M
France – $6.8M
Italy – $5.8M
Mexico – $4.7M
Korea – $4.5M
Taiwan – $3.6M
Germany – $3.4M
Philippines – $3.4M
Brazil – $2.8M
HK – $1.8M
Spain – $1.7M
Other – $14.1M
Total – $73.1M

Marvel’s The Avengers, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg and Samuel L. Jackson, opens in North American theaters next Friday,

Propblock meets the Propbay (A visit to the Propstore of London)

With the help of our very good friends over at the we are going to repost there pictures of the visit to the Propstore Of London, and show you some incredible pictures. Propbay gave us permission to post these photo’s so we can get some more screen used props out there to the collectors! Now I have personaly been to the LA branch of Propstore,  but these pictures are from the London branch, and some incredible prop pictures there are!

Please visit for more info on screen used props and articles, there a great site, so check em’ out!

This will be one of three reposts from there site, so stay tuned!



New Amazing Spider-Man Poster, and Webshooter Action!

Here is the release of the Japanese international poster for The Amazing Spider-Man! Add it to your collection of never ending variations of Spiderman posters for this movie.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Webshooter’s from Spiderman, form the comic’s to the screen. Not alot of people know but there were Webshooters made for the Spiderman Rami movies, it was tested on the first movie but never used, it was a great design, I wish they would have stuck with it, but never fear, we have a new design for the new movie, and this one is actually going to be used! Here are some concept pic s of the new shooter, as well as 3d rendering’s and a quick video, check it out!


Seven new Avengers images from EW!

EW bring’s us seven incredible still images from the Avengers…..enjoy!



Watch 56 episodes of Star Trek all at once!