Dredd 2012…a review

Dredd made is debut here in the states this past Friday, I finally got a chance to see it this past weekend, and WOW! I am blown away! I have been a long time fan of the character, both from the 95′ version of the film and the 2000AD books, and this film did a incredible job of telling the story of Judge Dredd!

First off, this version is way more closely related to the original comic than the Stallone version, and while I still find the original movie entertaining, even though it has it’s flaws, this updated version blows it out fo the water! With the incredible portrayal of the title character by Karl Urban, and in my opinion the even better portrayal of Judge Anderson by the incredible Olivia Thirlby, this film is the Dredd should be seen by a mass audience. The story, done incredibly well by the verty talented writer Alex Garland, who brought another one of my favorites movies to big screen Sunshine, is really the backbone of the film, it was written in such a manner that I felt entertained form the beginning to the end.

To mark, in my opinion, a great film, I wanted to post all of the online featurettes below, so you can see what went into making this movie spectacular!






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