ScreenUsed Live On-Line Auction has just announced there second live auction, and released a beautiful online PDF catalog for all of us to check out! Those who are not familiar, Screenused had there first auction earlier this year, with a huge success from jumping from the online sellers market to the auction format. And it looks like this new auction will be nothing but more successful than the last!

The auction will be held online only at on Saturday November 3, 2012 at 10am, and if you have checked out the catalog already, you know that there are going to be over 400 individual lots up for auction, ranging from small items for everyone who has a less than big budget, all the way upto the high mark!


So check out where you can download the PDF auction catalog, or visit here for a direct link to there catalog. And make sure you mark your calendars for November 3rd, 2012, I know I will!

Below are acouple items that caught my attention, but be sure to check it out for yourself, i’m sure you’ll see something that will catch you eye!

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Clapeprboard

I’m a huge fan of clappers, I like to personally collect behind the scenes items and production pieces, and clappers have always intrigued me, and what can get better than a Empire one!

Chronicles of Riddick: Necromonger Rifle

These are absolutely beautiful pieces, the production value that went into the props from this movie is incredible, and I need one of these for my personal collection to go with other items šŸ˜‰

Firefly: Vera

This is one of my grail items, and I mean, come on, just look at this thing…beautiful!

Predator Chain-mail, Wrist Blades and Cutting Weapon

A very very cool set, the cutting disc has been one of my favorite Predator weapons of all time, and this is a great set, blades and chain-mail, just awesome!

Star Trek Nemesis: Clapperboard

Again, another clapper, I’m a huge Trek fan, and even thought this is considered to be a “bad” Trek movie, it’s still one of my top 5!

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