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Man Of Steel Costumes at Licensing Expo 2012

Our friends over at have taken some incredible photo’s of the costumes from the new Superman film, Man OF Steel at the Licensing Expo 2012 in Las Vegas. Thee photo’s are hard to make out at some point because they encased in glass, so you get the shine and glare of flash photography, but you cans till make out the incredible detail that went into making these costumes, including the Superman suit, Jor’el’s costume, as well as a unknown female costume, with a wicked cool warrior look to it! enjoy…











Man Of Steel: Costume Analysts

With all the other superhero news lately, I didn’t want to leave out good old Superman! And with Zack Snyders upcoming Man Of Steel movie, we have images and news to tide us over until the eventual release of the teaser trailer, which cant be that far off. There hasn’t been alot of news released, but what we do have are some pictures of the new costume, which have alot of fans up in arms over the change. Now, I love Superman, I always have, i’m not a fan of the comics, but the movies, I loved the reeve’s movies, Dean Cain’s portrayal on TV, even the Singer reboot (which I might be the only one on earth who liked). I even dig all the costume changes, and with The Man Of Steel, there’s a big one!

This costume is a far cry from the original Reeve’s costume, for one, there are no “shorts” on this one, which alot of people do not like, the “S” has been changed into a more stylized version, which has really grown on me, I love the semi larger, angular design. Then, there is the addition of the “alien” rubber “belt”, if you can call it that, and details that are added on his sides, and run to his back and down his legs. Now, let me say, I am a huge costume fan, what goes into building a costume, designing it, rebooting it if you will, it all fascinates me, to no end, I could watch hours of documentaries on costume design, and in this case, I LOVE the new costume, it has grown on me, I think they did a really good job with sticking to the original design, and adding a new edge, that updates it into a new century. Below are some pictures of the new costume, and some detail shots, as well as acouple pics of Supe’s father, in his “medieval” looking costume, check them out if you haven’t already, and make a decision for yourself, after the pics you can read a statement from the costume designer on why they made the changes and went the direction they did, very fascinating…looking forward to seeing it in action!



The Man Of Steel costume designer Michael Wilkinson talked at the 5D | FLUX conference at USC about bringing the Zack Snyder-directed movie to live.

Wilkinson explained that since they created a “neo-medieval” back story for Krypton (which included the creation of a new language), it made sense to utilize the suit design as part of the mythology. “Everyone on Krypton wears this suit,” he suggested. Using ZBrush and rapid prototyping, Wilkinson came up the blue/gray color and chainmail look. “It has function and purpose and a logic to this fantastical world,” he added.