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Propstore Buy of The Day

Once again, we have a Propstore “Buy of The Day”. This time we have a incredible piece from one of my favorite movies The Fifth Element. Screen used props from this movie are kind of hard to come by, while there are some incredible pieces out there, they fetch some pretty hefty prices, but if your a fan, there are a slew of replicas out there for you to collect. This week’s piece is:

General Munro (Brion James) Light Up Leather Holster, Gun & Baton

 This is a great piece, not only is it a all leather belt and holster, it comes with a very cool metal buckle that has working LED’s, a black plastic airsoft gun and baton. it would make for a great display piece in any Fifth Element collection, and say you have the hero costume it goes with, then it is a must! This great piece can be yours for $1600, a decent price, I would prob pick it up if it were a couple hundred less, but that’s just me, if you have the cash drop it now, cause like may Propstore listing’s there up for a little bit then when you finally decide to push the button, there gone, so don’t wait people, it’s only money 🙂

Original listing: The Fifth Element 


Propblock meets the Propbay (A visit to the Propstore of London)

With the help of our very good friends over at the we are going to repost there pictures of the visit to the Propstore Of London, and show you some incredible pictures. Propbay gave us permission to post these photo’s so we can get some more screen used props out there to the collectors! Now I have personaly been to the LA branch of Propstore,  but these pictures are from the London branch, and some incredible prop pictures there are!

Please visit for more info on screen used props and articles, there a great site, so check em’ out!

This will be one of three reposts from there site, so stay tuned!



Propstore of London…A Small History

So I ran across this interview on and just had to repost it here, lots of great information on the Propstore of London, great interviews, and a small history on the rise of this great company. Please be sure to check out for other articles on the entertainment business!

The internet has made obtaining this ephemera easier than ever before.  From online auctions to exchange sites, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Of course, for some truly coveted objects d’geek you have to go to a specialist.

Enter The Prop Store.

Started in London, England in 1998 by CEO Stephen Lane and expanded into Los Angeles in 2007 under the direction of Brandon Alinger, COO Los Angeles, Prop Store is a movie and television memorabilia collector’s and fan’s dream.

Unlike auction houses where you have to wait months for the next sale and bidding wars are commonplace, Prop Store’s business model is a respite for collectors and fans wanting that prized possession for their collection or the centerpiece for their home theatre. One just needs to peruse Prop Store’s large selection of movie and television props, costumes and set pieces in their meticulously updated online catalog. When you see an item that you want, you simply order it through the website. Prop Store makes it even easier yet by allowing the purchaser to use interest-free payment plans of up to six-months, to acquire the item of their dreams. And there are never any added fees or commissions. But that’s just the beginning.

Lane and Alinger are constantly on the lookout for the best and most interesting items to acquire for their customers.  They also maintain a large collection of props and costumes which are kept in-house for educational seminars and regularly loaned to museums and other exhibitions.

Prop Store’s service doesn’t stop after you’ve purchased your “one of a kind” prop or costume. Prop Store believes in an “archival standard” for the prop and costume displays they commission for clients as well as for their own collections. To this end, Prop Store partners with experts in the display industry to produce museum-quality acrylic display cases, laser-cut mats, and custom-built mannequins that bring costumes uniquely to life and ensure that often-delicate and always-valuable props and costumes are protected against time and the elements.

Another key service Prop Store provides for its customers is expert restoration. Just as time is not kind to all movies, time can be downright cruel to movie props and costumes. Although the aim is always to maintain complete originality whenever possible, there are times when the only humane approach is restoration.

A favorite example of this involves the Nostromo, the legendary filming miniature of the space ship from Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi classic ALIEN. Prop Store acquired the model in 2007, but the Nostromo arrived having seen better days. Time and the elements had eroded the eleven by seven foot model’s wooden understructure and the intricate mosaic of small plastic parts that composed ship’s exterior. It was clear to the Prop Store team that this important artifact needed to be restored in order to preserve it for another three decades and beyond. Prop Store worked with expert model makers for over twelve months to restore the ship from tip to tail.

“Going back as far back as the playground at my first school, I was trading and buying and selling collectibles with other kids – at that time though it was pencil tops and then Star Wars trading cards”, said Lane. “I soon progressed onto Star Wars action figures at which point I became a passionate toy (relating to film and television) collector. This led to many trips to collectible fairs and conventions all over England to hunt out new items and trade with other collectors and dealers which ultimately led to me regularly taking a 6’ x 2’ table of my own at each of the main conventions in the UK. At this time I became aware of people turning up at the shows to see if they could sell items from films that they had worked on over the years and here I acquired my first significant movie prop – A Rebel Blaster from Star Wars. At a cost of over £500 it was a huge step up from buying action figures at a few quid each…..but I was hooked. As soon as I owned it I needed to know more – Who made it? Where did it come from? How was it made? and where else could I find items like these? …the hunt was on!

That now seems like a lifetime ago…a hobby that went madly out of control and developed into an international business, busily trading on both sides of the Atlantic 7 days a week. I still have the same mentality at heart, I’m still a collector, I still work and visit events and conventions and I still love meeting and chatting with fellow collectors. Where we’re at with Prop Store now is amazing, you just have to wander around either of our facilities to see the phenomenal material that we handle ….but rest assured…just like any collector…we’re hungry to do so much more.”

Some of the more significant pieces Prop Store has sold in the past are:

•Star Wars – Stop Motion Holographic Chess Pieces

•ST: The Original Series – Uhura’s Starfleet Dress

•ST: The Wrath of Khan – Khan’s Tunic

•Return of the Jedi – Stormtrooper Helmet

•Starship Troopers 19’ Roger Young Model

•X-Men: Storm’s Costume

•Stargate – Hero Mechanical Apophis Headpiece

•Superman: The Movie – Christopher’s Reeve’s Costume

•Gremlins 2: The New Batch – Hero Gizmo Puppet

•Blade – Wesley Snipes’ Complete Costume

•300 – Spartan Soldier’s Complete Costume Ensemble

In addition, Prop Store has done promotional sales for a number of major films over the past few years. These sales have typically been tied in to the theatrical or home entertainment release of a picture. Prop Store has done this for recent titles such as MOON, CENTURION, SUNSHINE, and 300.

The Propstore of London “BUY OF THE DAY”

So we have decided to make a new blog post that will appear here everyday with a new item, the blog will feature one of the new items posted by Propstore Of London that is up for sale that day. Each day, the highly renowned Propstore Of London post items for sale, I  believe 5 items from the London department, and 5 items from the Los Angeles department. If your not familiar with them, please visit, where you can find hundreds of screen used props, costumes and set decor from pretty much any movie you can think of. So, here is todays “Propstore Buy Of The Day”:


Complete Titan Costume

A complete Titan costume from the 2011 action fantasy movie Immortals. This particular full ensemble was used at the end of the movie when Theseus’ young son inherits his mother’s premonitory visions and sees a glimpse of the future where the God and Titans are engaged in an epic battle in the heavens, the helmets alone were also used as King Hyperion frees them from their prison with the legendary Epirus Bow and a battle ensues.

The collection consists of a set of chest amour (marked “Kevin” for Kevin Kelsall – stuntman, size 42) made from pressed leather painted an almost black shade of red, with a black and red checked cape secured with round metal emblems and short cingulum, a pair of durable vinyl greaves secured with lengths of elastic, leather strap sandals (marked “Kevil Kelsall”), black ‘cummerbund’, nylon gussett, black and red leather skirt with swirling black embroidery on the red panel (marked “#3 Patrick Kerton”) and the accompanying belt (marked “Alain Molissi” over “#1 Kevin Kelsall” crossed out) with poppers and hooks, and finally a resin helmet (marked “Jan Pivon”) featuring the memorable triangular tribal-like red and black design with foam inside for the comfort of the wearer.