Epimetheus – As you wish helmet project

The as you wish Boba fett helmet project is back again this year, with some absolutely incredible pieces by very talented artist. I wanted to highlight this on in particular because of my love for the Alien franchise, and also because it’s just so freaking cool!
This helmet comes to us from artist John Wallock, a very talented artist who created this beautiful helmet from the inspiration of H.R. Giger, so be sure to check out some fo his other work on his Facebook page!



Falling Skies season finale!!!

Falling Skies concluded Season 2with a big WTF for the 2nd Mass..but also the threat of the biggest fight yet to come. General Bressler stuck by his coup and was about to throw the 2nd Mass into the brig, but he was interrupted by the arrival of red-eye, with Ben, who delivered significant Intel: The Overload that Tom and the 2nd Mass have been clashing with all season is basically a walking computer that manages the ESPHENI race’s operations on the east coast, so to kill him would seriously cripple the aliens plans.

Red eye said that the fish heads were constructing a massive weapon 500 miles away, and he knew a network of tunnels that could lead them to the weapon so they could destroy it, so, the 2nd Mas team, Weaver, Tom, Hal, Maggie, Pope and a select few berserkers navigate the tunnel into the big weapon, only to be caught while planting bombs to blow it up, and the team are then tortured Karen, with some bad skitters and the head overload himself.  Which leads to some good old fun of Tom finding out that Anna was pregnant, and Karen locking lips with Hal, which pissed Maggie off to no end. But in the end, Tom kills the shit outa the overlord, the skitters are killed and the team makes it out, but with one end, good old red-eye is killed, RIP.

So back at Charleston, the 2nd Mass receives a hero’s welcome, while Hal wakes up in a hospital bed with a alien bug in his eye, Tom and Weaver decide there going to take the 2nd Mass and leave Charleston, but only second before a big ear quake happens, and everyone runs outside to find out that the sky is raining alien spaceships, which one lands right in front of out gang, it opens up,and ta-da, a alien bio-mechanical being steps out, opens up its mask, to reveal a ALL NEW alien species, so….good or bad, going to kill everyone or save them all?….next season…cant wait!!!

Boba Recall – As you wish helmet project

For the upcoming As You Wish Project charity event, over forty Boba Fett and clone trooper helmets were redesigned by such luminaries as director Joe Johnston and artist Sandy Dhuyvetter, who both played a role in designing his original costume. Additionally, sculptors recreated the Mandalorian mercenary’s headgear in the style of Damien Hirst, Tony Stark, and even Fett’s own spacecraft, the Slave I. Here are some of the helmets to be sold — that faux H.R. Giger clone trooper redesign is a doozy.

We have chosen one to showcase here, if you do not know who Tom Spina is, head over to http://www.Tomspinadesigns.com and check out some of his incredible work! And head over to the Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/asyouwishproj, for the charity and be sure to check out some of the other incredible works of art. Below is a short description about this incredible helmet from Tom Spina himself:

“For us, we wanted to do something that would be a tribute to classic, old-school, practical movie FX magic. The concept came out of a long lunch of bouncing around ideas with Mike and Pat from the studio. Rob Bottin’s brilliant work on Total Recall burned an image into the mind of everyone who saw the film and we thought it would be fun to try to bring that to life for the project.
I sort of broke down how the piece would lay out and what the “sections” would be. Pat did a great job chopping up the helmet, then re-assembling it in its new, stepped configuration. I did the paint work on the helmet, a challenge unto itself, and we sourced a great life cast of Arnold which I painted and haired.

We’ve been showing step-by step shots of the build on our Facebook Page and if you like that sort of thing, please click the “like” button and you’ll get sneak peek pics of a lot of our projects.”


Propworx: A Fond Farewell…

Propworx has announced that they are officially closing there doors after 4 long years of being in the prop business. As many of you know, Propworx was a huge contender in the prop and wardrobe auction business, which also features other companies like Profiles In History and Prop Store. But alas, all good things must come to an end, I actually had the pleasure of working for Propworx for three years, and it was a great ride, I got the fortune of entering the prop business and owe a great deal of what I know now to Propworx and Alec Peters. I have since moved onto work at the Prop Store LA branch, but will always look back with fond memories of great times and good friends.

I had the chance to sit down with Alec from Propworx and discuss this news, and here are his own words on this breaking news:

“I wanted you all to know that after 3 good years, Propworx is closing its doors. We had a great run, but the lack of interest in the studios wanting to do auctions has lead us to make this decision.

As I have told my friends many times, the Battlestar Auctions were a blessing, yet they also lead me to believe there was a business doing studio auctions, which unfortunately has not materialized. Sadly, the studios just don’t want to sell their stuff. Heck, last year Ridley Scott invited me to the set of Prometheus because he wanted us to do an auction for him. But Fox said no!  Well, if Ridley Scott can’t get an auction done with Fox, what chance do I have of convincing them?

While we have done some great work, and the Battlestar auctions remain the pinnacle of that type of studio event auction, it is time to move on. And I really have no interest in just buying or selling props like The Prop Store or Screen Used (who both do an awesome job) or doing eBay auctions like VIP (which also does good work and I have recommended to studios). Our specialty was always event auctions accompanied by the best auction catalogs ever.

And last month, my favorite employee, Jarrod, went to work at The Prop Store with my full blessing and support. Jarrod and Curtis were two truly amazing people to work with and we are now good friends. Curtis actually has been back in town from Africa and helping me close up shop the past month.

Propworx was my fourth company and having sold Marketworks for $ 16 million, (I wish got most of that!), I can take a loss on my entreprenurial record (Which now stands at 1 win, 1 draw and 2 ties) 🙂

In closing down, all our business with our loyal customers has been finished up and I will personally continue to buy and sell Star Trek props and items from my collection, and work for CBS archiving the Star Trek Collection. In that regard we are working on two big projects, one of which is a full color book, ala Propworx catalogs, of the CBS Archive and my personal (and maybe others) Star Trek collections.

Thanks to all our customers over the past 3 years. It has been a fun ride!


So if your a fan of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate or Star Trek, you, as I, will always remember Propworx, and bid the company a fond farewell!


Prometheus Deleted Scenes…and alternate ending?!?

Prometheus’ list of deleted scenes reveals an ending we never saw

The Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is right around the corner — and while we can’t wait to see the lovely scenes from Scott in glorious Blu-ray, we’d also like a few more answers. Thankfully a list of deleted scenes coming with the disc reveals there’s a ton of extra material, that might offer up a bit of closure.

Bleeding Cool has a list of deleted scenes — get a load of the last three titles.

00:00:42:14 (SKIN) (DELETED SCENE)

Screen Used Announces New Auction + By The Numbers

Screenused.com has just announced the date for there upcoming, and second auction: November 3, 2012. As most of you know the company had there first auction last July, and was received by fans and collectors alike as a huge success. Screen used fills the gap between the high end auctions and lower end collector auction, which is great, because if your like me, and would like something a little more for my ever growing collection, but cant break the bank, there is something to be had from Screen used! So here is hoping that again, like the firt auction, there is something to be had for everyone out there. The catalog will most likely be launched this October, so keep your eye’s open.

They are also currently taking consignments for the upcoming auction here: SCREENUSED CONSIGNMENT

Here are the numbers form the first Screen sued auction, and you can check out this LINK for the official response from Screen Used.

  • We had 312 registered bidders
  • Bidders from 20 different countries
  • Of the 359 lots in the auction, 219 sold, making a sales rate of 61%
  • The average price per lot was $1086 (after buyers premium)
  • Total sales was $201,475 hammer price, $237,741 after buyers premium
  • We had 120 unique bidders that purchased the 219 lots

The highest selling items (with buyers premium) were:

  • Original screen-used Rocketeer helmet from The Rocketeer – $29,500
  • Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi “Blue Harvest” clapperboard – $26,550
  • Original production-used Mattel Hoverboard from Back to the Future II & III – $22,420
  • Complete Will Farrell hero “Buddy” elf costume from Elf – $10,620

The Epic Cloud Atlas Trailer…

For your viewing pleasure….

“Yesterday I believed I would have never done what I have today”